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General provisions refer to all kind of orders.
Hereby "Hyur Service" LLC is an "Agent" and those who apply for services via "Hyur Service" are Clients".

  • The client undertakes to fill in the "Order" form with exact data and to inform the Agent about the subsequent changes in filled in data at least 5 days prior to the date of receiving the service, otherwise the Agent is not responsible for the situation occurred as a result of changes.

  • The Agent undertakes to get in touch with the Client, to inform about the possibilities of carrying out the order and to answer the Client's questions supplying exact information, within 2 days after getting the order.

  • The order given by e-mail is deemed "confirmed by mutual consent", in case if the Agent's e-mail called "final confirmation" has been positively replied by the Client.

  • The mutually confirmed order is deemed a basis for assuming all the obligations listed here.

  • Irrespective of whether the Client is going to accept the order, or it has been carried out for the third party, all the listed obligations are compulsory both for the Client and the person who accepts the order.

The Client undertakes:
  • To pay for the services, carried out by the Agent, when accepting them, if there are no other previously made arrangements. The payments should be made in AMD, or in foreign currency, according to the exchange rate of the day of receiving the service.

  • To treat the temporarily assumed equipments and technology with care, and in case of loss or damage to indemnify for the expenses or to bear the costs of repair.

  • In case of delaying the payment for the services, to pay a penalty to the Agent at the extent of 2% of the sum of the order for each delayed day.

The Agent undertakes:
  • To serve the order confirmed by mutual consent, properly and at exact dates.

  • Not to demand extra money besides the payment confirmed by mutual consent, irrespective of the problems and difficulties occurred during the fulfillment of the order.

  • Not to announce any private information about the Client, without his/her written consent.

  • To, at least 2 days prior to the fulfillment of the order, inform the Client about the changes having taken place in the mutually consented and cofirmed order and to offer an option equivalent to the previous one by its price and conditions.
The conditions of cancellation, delay or termination of the order:
  • The conditions of cancellation, delay or termination of the orders of accommodation rental are presented in the section "PARTICULAR PROVISIONS for apartment and house rent".

  • The conditions of cancellation, delay or termination of the orders of hotel reservation, regular and private tours, group packages, transportation, car rental and conference hall rental services are presented on the corresponding service page.

Force Majeure

The parties are relieved from responsibilities, if the obligations have not been fulfilled due to unexpected circumstances (earthquake, flood, war, interruption of works of communicative means, situations that are common for the given district or apartment block, etc.).

Apartment and house rent

  • Check in time is 2:00 pm, check out time is 12:00 noon.

  • The minimal duration of the premises rental is 3 days. Irrespective of the rental duration the 3 days rental price is non-refundable.

  • The premises are provided with bed linen and towels, according to the number of the guests confirmed by mutual consent. Extra linen, towels, as well as accessories of personal hygiene and cleaning materials are given only in case of advance order and corresponding payment.

  • Smoking is NOT ALLOWED in all premises.

  • Keeping pets in the premises is forbidden.

  • It is forbidden to make any repairs or removal of furniture in the premises.

  • It is forbidden to organize such kind of events in the premises, which can disturb the neighbors and common order.

  • The apartments and houses are fully furnished, and supplied with 24 hrs running hot and cold water. The rental price includes water charges, electricity, heating, a landline phone, Wi-Fi internet.
The Client
  • undertakes, when accepting the premises, to tell the representative of the Agent about the existing defects, to point out the complaints and to base them in the framework of mutually confirmed consent, otherwise bears the responsibility for subsequent defects, if those defects are not a result of natural factor.

  • undertakes to hand over the premises in proper state, with no defects occurred during tenancy, as well as to treat the equipments and technology of the premises with care, and in case of loss or damage, to indemnify for the expenses or to bear the costs of repair.

  • undertakes to inform the Agent of the occurred problems and difficulties in the premises, as soon as possible.

  • undertakes to, at least 5 days beforehand, inform the Agent about the intention of extending the tenancy, otherwise to pay the daily rental sum per each day occupied out of tenancy period and 30% as a penalty.

  • has the right to delay, cancel, shorten or terminate the order without paying any penalty by informing the Agent at least 10 days beforehand, otherwise the Client undertakes to pay a sum at 3-night price of the order as a penalty to the Agent. In such cases the recalculation is to be made according to the price at which the Accommodation was actually provided to the Client.

  • cannot hand over the premises to a third party without the Agent's consent.

The Agent
  • undertakes to provide all necessary information connected with the premises (the approximate location, the details about interior design and furniture, photos, etc.).

  • undertakes to provide with the ordered premises or other equivalent (the same class and furniture) premises, without extra payment.

  • undertakes to provide the exact address and telephone number of the premises only after the confirmation of the mutually consented order.

  • is authorized to regularly enquire about the number, sex, age and nationality of the inhabitants of the premises.

  • undertakes to solve any problem occurred in the premises within maximum 24 hours, if they are not common for the given district, or in case the problem has not been solved within 24 hours, to, at own expenses, organize the Client's move to equivalent premises or to refund money to the Client, according to the missed days of tenancy (based on daily calculation).

  • for certain cases to confirm the order has the right to demand the 30% of its sum as a deposit payment, which is non-refundable in case of cancellation or delay of the order.

  • for special cases has the right to offer different cancellation conditions and penalties which will be discussed with the Client in advance.

  • is authorized to prematurely terminate the tenancy, if the Client has breached his/her obligations listed here. In this case no money is refundable.

  • is authorized to prematurely terminate the tenancy, informing the Client about it 2 days beforehand. If the tenancy is terminated by the Agent's request (not through the Client's fault), the total rental sum is recalculated and the money for the missed days and 30% of that sum, as a penalty, is to be refunded to the Client.

  • does not bear responsibility for situations that are common and does not refund any money.

  • is authorized to provide with other premises and to demand extra payment, in case the Client arrives sooner than the date confirmed by mutual consent.

  • does not bear responsibility for the lost, broken or damaged personal belongings of the Client.

  • is authorized to enter the rented premises after a warning, as well as without warning if it is a case of emergency and the Client is absent or unavailable.
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